Jody Yarbrough

Trained in Cannabis Specific Accounting, Brings Value-Added Skills, Provides Peace for the CEO

As an invaluable member of her Cannabis client teams, Jody removes cannabis accounting and tax compliance and finance and accounting operational concerns and pain points that keep CEOs up at night.

Jody is a 25+ year professional in accounting with roles in multi-million-dollar, complex entities as Controller and Chief Financial Officer. Jody left her corporate W-2 job opening Pinnell Consulting to advise small and mid-market privately held business clients in the capacity of chief financial officer and executive leadership.

A true believer in the medicinal value of THC and CBD, Jody expanded her practice into the cannabis industry as SavantCFO and is excited to be educating cannabis business CEOs and Owners in this industry. For Jody, making sure that CEOs and Owners understand the basic requirements of their finance and accounting functions is an essential part of serving in the cannabis community. Too many times, the importance of compliance with GAAP accounting rules, IRC §471 and IRC §280e is overlooked and the impact is devastating to the cannabis business. By making sure CEOs and Owners are educated, Jody helps them make their successful mark in the industry.

Logical and analytical by nature, Jody is a creative problem solver and is known for getting things done.  Her talent and solid background in financial and operational areas of complex organizations helps her bring value added services to her Cannabis clients.

Jody is graduate of the University of Arizona and a die-hard Wildcat fan.  She is a native Arizonan and loves living in the desert.